What do you get at Jesse Boehm Consulting?
An extremely dedicated family man. A father of two, a man that spends every free moment with his 4 year old daughter, 1 year old son and hanging out with his
wife making family memories. My weekends consist of building Lego Star Wars and watching Star Wars or the Lego Movie (whatever my daughter chooses),
eating popcorn and taking goofy selfies.

What does this mean to my clients? Although I am dedicated to my family my clients are a top priority. I am fiercely loyal, burning the midnight oil, hardcore
researching, cutting edge, pulling up my sleeves and getting elbows deep into your Citrix & VMware Environments to make sure your systems are humming
along like the finest engines ever made.

My goal as a Citrix & VMware Consultant and Desktop and Application Delivery Professional is to build, advise, consult and engineer the absolute
best possible environments for my clients. Building out system with enough resources, but not too many points of failure. Supportable, but not thrown together
with too many moving parts that are not needed. Scalable, reliable, meticulously thought out and structurally architected. But also thought about from the
other side, the end user side, the tier 1 and tier 2 support side. What are the issues my end users are going to have to deal with. What will my support teams be
dealing with? What is the small picture as well as the big picture? As the big picture is great, but it is 95%, and in everything it is that last 5% that matters,
at least to me.

So what you get at Jesse Boehm Consulting is 95% of meticulous planning, with that 5% of excellence to drive that 100% of greatness of a job well done.
Leaving a client with a solution they can rely on and count on. Leaving me to have Lego Star Wars Weekends with my kids. Not to say if you have an issue I
won’t be there to rescue you,I will that is my job! We can always have Lego Star Wars Weekends the next week

That is what you get at Jesse Boehm Consulting.



I can Architect a system for you, deploy a system that has already been planned, help you review a system concept that you have worked up. I am here as a sounding board to answer your questions, give you my opinions and also ask you questions and share with you my knowledge about setting up Citrix Environments. My consulting experience is different with every client. But with every client I learn something new which is beneficial to all of my clients.


I have worked with many Citrix Service Providers and CloudPortal Services Manager, App Orchestration and DaaS is a specialty of mine. As well as NetScaler, XenDesktop, XenApp and Provisioning Services. If you are looking for a Citrix Consultant with CSP Experience. I can bring that to the table with strong working knowledge of the latest technologies, latest versions and real world experience to offer you the highest quality of support.


Sometimes companies want to do everything themselves because they don’t want to be in a place where they have to rely on a 3rd Party “me” unless they really have to. But when they are getting started with, say a migration from XenApp 6.5 to XenApp 7.6, they need some guidance for best practice. Or are moving from Citrix Secure Gateway or AccessGateway to NetScaler and need a little help. That is where I come in. I am here as a sounding board. I can answer questions, I can do research, I can find out answer for you and when you are deploying I can research errors and lend a helping hand. I can advise and share my knowledge and lend a helping hand if needed. It is friendly voice in the wilderness.


The fun stuff! I love deploying Citrix NetScaler, XenDesktop, XenApp, Provisioning Services, CloudPortal Services Manager. I love that nasty Legacy Application that doesn’t want to work, that your accounting group just has to keep using even though it is 16 years old. I am that guy, I have dealt with that before. I love Citrix Deployments. So yes I can deploy Citrix for you!


I have worked as a Consultant, Advisor or have done a Deployment for you. Now our project has come to an end. You are live, you are in production and everything is stable. You are happy, because I have done everything to make you happy. The question is what now? Usually most of my clients keep me on retainer, we setup a pre-paid block of time that gets replenished and I work from the block of time and I am there to support you at a high level.

Jesse Boehm, CCP-V, CCP-N, VCA-DCV

16 years of Desktop & Application Experience. Coming from the 24/7 Hospitality Industry where I spent 6 years honing my skills. Then moving on into the Healthcare Insurance area as a Senior Citrix Engineer all along working as a Citrix Consultant on many projects. At which point I exited the full time work force and went out on my own as a full time Citrix Consultant and started my own company is the only company in the world that is Citrix Ready for Custom Branding and Customizations of all Interface Products that Citrix, Microsoft and VMware offers, such as StoreFront, NetScaler, Web Interface, VMware Horizon View, Microsoft Outlook Web App and other interfaces. So I have worked with Citrix from the backend to the frontend for many years. Setting up hundreds of environments for small, medium and large companies all over the world as well as the US Government and Military through I have experience in many industries. You can check out my resume site at for a full list of information about me. I am a hardcore computer guy since the age of 10 years old when I saw War Games in the theatre and I got a Commodore 64, it has never stopped. Citrix is my technology of choice, it is what I love to work with. In the recent years I have been working with VMware Horizon View and now VMware DaaS. I am an all around Desktop and Application Delivery specialist.

I am family man, father of two, very involved, I love my kids. I am a positive man, I don’t do negativity, I thrive under pressure, I don’t slack, I don’t talk for the sake of talking, I don’t burn hours and I don’t waste time.

Technical Skills

Citrix XenApp 7.6, 7.5, 6.5 • Citrix XenDesktop 7.6, 7.* • Citrix NetScaler 11, 10.5, 10.1
Citrix Provisioning Services 7.6 • Citrix Insight Center • Citrix Command Center
Citrix App Orchestration 2.6, 2.5 Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager 11.5 Citrix DaaS
Citrix XenServerCitrix EdgeSight
Microsoft Remote Desktop Services 2012 R2, 2012, 2008 R2
Microsoft App-V Microsoft Exchange 2013
VMware VSphere 6, 5.5, 5.1 • VMware Horizon View 6, 5.* • VMware Horizon DaaS
Application Delivery
Desktop Delivery